15 Signs Someone Is FAKE RICH


15 Signs Someone Is FAKE RICH

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15 Signs Someone Is Fake Rich | Motivational Sunday
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
How can you tell if someone is rich?
How to tell someone is fake rich?
What are the signs someone is pretending to be rich?
How to tell if someone is faking being rich?
How to know if the person you're dating is rich?
Is he rich? Is she rich?
What are the major tells that someone is fake rich?
What are the signs someone is fake rich?
How to Identify the Fake Rich From the Real Rich?
What are some Things People Do To Appear Rich?
How To Spot A Fake Rich Person?
How did all these people on instagram get rich?
Is everyone on instagram just rich?
How to flex on someone?
Are people flexing stupidly?
How to fake being rich to make rich friends?
Why do peoople fake being rich?
Why do people act like their rich?
Why do people wear flashy clothes?

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