1965 Ford F100 Service Truck 1/25 Scale Model Kit Build Review Moebius Model King 1235


1965 Ford F100 Service Truck 1/25 Scale Model Kit Build Review Moebius Model King 1235

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The fourth generation of the Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks and commercial trucks that were produced by Ford from October 1960 to August 1966. Sleeker and wider than its predecessor, the new F-Series introduced several firsts to the truck line. In Canada, the F-Series continued to be distributed by Mercury dealers as the M-Series.
In October 1964, the 1965 F-Series introduced an all-new frame, which would then be used on the F-Series until 1979. In contrast, the body remained largely unchanged, but the 1965 and 1966 models the turn signals are above the headlights. Replacing the rudimentary straight-axle in the front was all-new independent "Twin I-Beam" suspension with coil springs on two-wheel-drive trucks.[3] The 1965 and 1966 F-Series trucks are distinguished with a "TWIN I-BEAM" emblem on the front fender. The F-Series also included a 4-door crew-cab model.

The 240 cu in (3.9 L) and 300 cu in (4.9 L) straight six was introduced. With the introduction of the 208 hp (155 kW; 211 PS) 352 cu in (5.8 L) FE V8, output surpassed 200 hp in the F-Series for the first time.
F-100 (F10, F14): 1/2 ton (4,000–5,000 GVWR max)
F-100 (F11, F18, F19)(4×4): 1/2 ton (4,000–5,600 GVWR max)
F-250 (F25): 3/4 ton (7,400 GVWR max)
F-250 (F26)(4×4): 3/4 ton (4,900 GVWR max)
F-350 (F35): 1 ton (9,800 GVWR max)
A Camper Special was available featuring heavier-duty components to accommodate the slide in campers that were becoming increasingly popular during this time.

For 1965, the Ranger name first appeared as a styling package for the F-Series pickup trucks. The interior featured bucket seats and a curtain over the gas tank which was behind the seats in the cab.
223 CID Mileage Maker I6 1961–64 114 hp (85 kW)
262 CID Mileage Maker I6 1961–64 132 hp (98 kW)
292 CID Y-block V8 1961–64 170 hp (127 kW)
240 CID Straight-6 1965–66 150 hp (112 kW)
300 CID Straight-6 1965–66 170 hp (127 kW)
289 CID Windsor V8 (Mexican market) 1965–66 160 hp (119 kW)
352 CID FE V8 1964–66 208 hp (155 kW)
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