2016 Nissan GTR Nismo | Modified | (Standing Mile Review)


2016 Nissan GTR Nismo | Modified | (Standing Mile Review)

Video Channel: Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

The Nissan GTR was introduced in 2008 with a theoretical top speed of 196 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds. The Nissan GTR later coined "Godzilla" boasted some of the most impressive specifications to be released in the late 2000's era. For $80,000 you were given neck braking 0-60 mph times and a theoretical top speed of nearly 200 mph. Even Italian auto makers had a hard time keeping up with. For example in 2006 for $1,700,000 you could buy a Bugatti Veyron which went 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds. So for 20X the cost you could go 0-60 mph in half a second faster...
In this test video you can see the vehicle slowly approach 100 mph to which it then launches towards the recorded top speed. We have yet to see the true top speed a Nissan GTR can achieve. We believe it can surpass the 250 mph mark. (Yes, we know about the car at Pikes Peek) This would be an incredible achievement being that it would be done with only 6 cylinders and 2 turbo's.

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Vehicle Specifications:
Make: Nissan
Model: GTR Nismo
Year Tested: 2016
Max Power: 720 hp @ N/A rpm
Max Torque: 635 lb-ft @ N/A rpm
Engine: 3.8L Twin Turbo V6
Gearbox: 6-Speed Automatic
Drive: AWD
Weight: 3,818 lbs
Distance Tested: 1 Mile
Date Tested: 3/9/2019

Runway Specifications:
Length: (3.22 Miles) or (5.15 Kilometers)
Width: (300 Feet) or (91.44 Meters)
Elevation Above Sea Level: (8.3 Feet) or (2.53 Meters)
Elevation Change: (0.25 Inches) or (0.635 Centimeters)
Surface Material: Concrete - (15,000 Feet) or (4,572 Meters) Asphalt - (2,000 Feet) or (609.6 Meters)

Weather Conditions:
Temp: 23C/73.4F
Dew point: 18C/64.4F
Humidity: 73%
Wind: 00000kt (0 mph)
Surface Temp: 25C/77F

Temp: 26C/78.8F
Dew point: 18C/64.4F
Humidity: 61%
Wind: 09008kt (9 MPH)
Wind Direction:southeast
Surface Temp: 33.9C/93F

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