2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review - the best hybrid SUV? | Music Motors


2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid Review - the best hybrid SUV? | Music Motors

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The the Honda SUV range ever increasing, the 2019 CR-V hybrid is their latest offering, giving superb SUB capability with hybrid functionality. The 2019 Honda CR-V hybrid is an affordable and versatile every day vehicle which turns around great economy and also gives superb driving characteristics. Put up against the competition like the RAV4, the CR-V is a likely winner on all fronts.

The 2019 Honda CR-V is one of the big boys in the every day SUV race, a vehicle which is not only affordable but capable. Honda claim the CR-V is the best selling SUV in the world and it's not difficult to see why, the CR-V has bundles of technology and typically Honda luxury. Can the 2019 CR-V pip the competitors? Have Honda got another 'hit' CR-V on their hands? Find out in this episode of Music Motors as we put the 2019 Honda CR-V through the paces.

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