Product overview 2019 Huawei Smartphone P Smart Z, ASUS ZenFone 6, Lenovo bending tablet!


Product overview 2019 Huawei Smartphone P Smart Z, ASUS ZenFone 6, Lenovo bending tablet!

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I present to your attention a novelty from Huawei Smartphone P Smart Z
Retractable front camera 16 MP, fixed focus
Huawei Ultra FullView 6.59 inch frameless screen
High-capacity battery 4000 mAh
Emui 9.0.1 interface based on Android 9
Dual camera 16 MP and 2 MP, phase detection autofocus
3D portrait shooting mode
Cost in the region of 20 thousand rubles will be pleasantly surprised

Another novelty from ASUS - ZenFone 6 is the phone that changed the approach to selfie!
Among the revolutionary features implemented in it is a unique 48-megapixel rotary camera
FRAMELESS NANOEDGE .The gorilla 6flagman Snapdragon 855 processor is responsible for the protection of the display. it is the fastest of all, ever produced by Qualcomm, It is supplemented with a large amount of RAM and user memory,
The owner of the smartphone ASUS ZenFone 6 does not have to constantly carry a charger because its battery capacity - 5000 mAh. ASUS ZenFone 6 smartphone is designed to impress. Its sleek body with a glass finish back panel and futuristic color options conceals cutting-edge engineering solutions, such as made of amorphous metal swivel camera module with high-precision stepper motor.

And lastly, the new Lenovo tablet bent.
details are not yet known,was only presented the first test sample with a fully functional display and iron.According to representatives of the company, they managed to create devices with fully bendable parts - display, battery and Board. But currently, the serial production of flexible gadgets is not possible due to their failure after a small number of bends. Now the task of engineers is to bring the technology to the level when the devices will be able to pass tests without complaints with 70 thousand bends. How much time it will take, is not specified

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