2019 Lexus LC500 V8 | Split Personality Disorder


2019 Lexus LC500 V8 | Split Personality Disorder

Video Channel: savagegeese

We do a quick review and follow up on the new 2019 Lexus LC500 to see if the subtle improvements from our last tests made the car better or worse. The market for 100k cars is small yet there are so many options. Cars like the Jaguar F Type, Porsche 911 and even cars like the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes equivalents. While the LC has some exotic car features it is dominated by the styling the V8 sounds more muscular than luxury.

Strap in for a Jack Singapore Speciale with a lovely heartfelt cameo from Johnny America.

00:00 - 1:34 Intro By Savagegeese Founder and Premiere Chef
1:34 - 3:38 Interior Impressions
3:38 - 3:45 Mark Levinson Audio Test Results
3:45 - 5:36 In the Shoppe
5:36 - 9:26 Driving Impressions
9:26 Final Thoughts

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