2019 Volkswagen Santana 180 MPI AT SE Blaupunkt - Full Review


2019 Volkswagen Santana 180 MPI AT SE Blaupunkt - Full Review

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So now I just finished driving the Volkswagen Santana in top-spec MPI SE, with the Blaupunkt audio system to be exact. It's a decent day to day driver, yes. But is it 'German' enough?

For the skeptics, the Volkswagen Santana isn't some rehashed old platform. It actually sits on a chassis newer than the car it replaced locally, the Polo Notch. Speaking of which, the Polo Notch wasn't purely German either as it was built in India, but I digress. Back to the Santana, it is related to its lesser-known​ cousins in this part of the world, the Skoda Rapid and SEAT Toledo. Coincidentally, the Toledo from the 90's also wore a VW badge in the Philippines. Those familiar with it know it as the Volkswagen Polo Classic.

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