.308 Win Extreme Long Range Equipment ~ Rex Reviews


.308 Win Extreme Long Range Equipment ~ Rex Reviews

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How does a .308 make it beyond 1 mile effectively? Rex demonstrates the use and application of proprietary ELR (extreme long range) peripheral equipment and ammunition.

The TACOM HQ Charlie Tarac magnetically attached prism device is an optical accessory that adds from zero to 1,000 MOA (or 300 MILs) of elevation adjustment to scopes instantly without having to change your rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero and enables you to shoot with full magnification. Each Charlie is preset to an exact MIL or MOA (true not shooter's MOA) value custom to each order.

The Steyr SSG 08A1 is one of the finest factory sniper rifles ever made, standby for full review soon.

The TROM FLIGHT SUPERSONIC 7.62×51 round utilizes multiple patent pending technologies related to flight dynamics to give rise to the most accuracy and precision at distance for the 7.62×51. They remain dynamically stabile well, beyond the max supersonic range of the bullet. These are precision made and individually inspected bullets of the utmost quality which translates to incredible consistency from shot to shot and lot to lot.

The Accuracy Solutions BipodeXT TAC III, provide the ability for the shooter to extend the resting point (fulcrum) beyond the muzzle of most rifles, thus reducing the point of impact shift caused by unintentional movement at the toe of the rifle system, during the climax of the firing sequence. It make aiming stability much easier to attain quickly in the field.


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