'Paper tablet' digitizes hand-written notes in seconds


'Paper tablet' digitizes hand-written notes in seconds

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Norwegian startup reMarkable is showcasing its paper-styled tablet at Las Vegas gadget show CES.
The simplistic device digitizes hand-written notes in seconds, and without social media or notifications, prevents users getting distracted.
The act of hand-writing notes is alive and well at the CES in Las Vegas, the world's largest consumer electronics event.
The reMarkable "paper tablet" lets users take notes, read and review documents. The writing process replicates the "feel" of paper and ink.
"So, this is a reMarkable, it is a paper tablet," explains Sigurd Gran-Jansen from reMarkable.
"It is for people who usually write on paper, but want to have all their notes and documents in the same place. So, when you write on reMarkable, or your documents here, it will also sync to your mobile phone or to your desktop. So, you have all the notes in one place."
The simplistic device also converts hand-written notes into typed digital text files that can be refined and shared.
The company claims it even works with messy hand writing.
Notes and documents are synced via wi-fi.
Aside from being a simplistic tool for people who like to scribble notes, it's also claimed to not distract users like regular tablets or laptops - there's no social media, email or notifications.
Also, it has been proven that writing down notes, as opposed to typing them on a keyboard, can help brains retain the material better, Gran-Jansen says.
"It's backed by science that if you write or do work with your hands, it will stick in their brain for a much longer time," says Gran-Jansen.
"I mean, everyone should write with your hands and not on a keyboard because the information, all the work you do at school etc., at work, will stick with you for a longer time."
The reMarkable "paper tablet" is priced from $549 USD online.
CES 2019, the world's largest tech conference, runs Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th January.

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