5 Tips For Buying A Quality Briefcase | What To Look For In Leather Briefcases


5 Tips For Buying A Quality Briefcase | What To Look For In Leather Briefcases

Video Channel: Real Men Real Style

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Quality leather briefcases can be EXPENSIVE.

Anywhere from 150 to 1500+ dollars.

Why such a wide range of prices?

What's the difference between a lower end bag and one that costs over a thousand dollars?

And how do you buy the best leather professional bag for your needs?

These are the questions we answer in this video and article.

Specifically we cover 9 qualities to look for when buying a leather briefcase.

If you use this checklist, you can rest assured you're going to buy the right back for your needs!

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To read the full article, click here http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/quali...

Video Summary:

1:12 - "Check the Quality of the Material"
1:34 - "Three Types of Leather"
1:50 - "What is Full Grain Leather?"
2:41 - "What is Top Grain Leather?"
3:47 - "What is Genuine Leather?"
4:00 - "What is Fake Leather?"
4:58 - "The Hardware of the Briefcase"
5:54 - "The Style of the Briefcase"
7:12 - "The Size of the Briefcase"
8:12 - "Your Lifestyle"

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