550 HP Ford Escort Mk2 Turbo DRIFT - Nikos Tountas on board twin race


550 HP Ford Escort Mk2 Turbo DRIFT - Nikos Tountas on board twin race

Video Channel: davide458italia

Like me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davide458italia. My Blog: http://www.davide458italia.blogspot.it. Full HD video 1080p. Description: Italiansupercarvideo and I filmed Nikos Tountas drifting his Ford Escort MKII during the Drift Kings Italy - 2nd round 2019 at Modena racetrack.
In the video you can see the best of action on the circuit: launch, smoking tires, powerslides, drift and more. On board laps during the twin drift race.
Thanks to my friend Italiansupercarvideo (http://clipreview.net/Italiansuperc...) for the collaboration.

Io e ItaliansupercarVideo abbiamo filmato Nikos Tountas alla guida della sua Ford Escort MK2 durante il Drift Kings Italy / Europe - 2nd round 2019 all'Autodromo di Modena. Nel video il best of sul circuito: partenza, drifting, gomme fumanti, derapate, e camera car.
Ringrazio Italiansupercarvideo (http://clipreview.net/Italiansuperc...) per la collaborazione.

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