6 New Bags 2018 For Travelling


6 New Bags 2018 For Travelling

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► List Of New Bags For Men ... http://amzn.to/2JakYKm

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1- 00:11 The Bento Bag: Most Thoughtful Travel Bag Ever http://nomadlane.com
Lightweight personal item bag. Charges your phone, fits under the seat, a pocket for everything.

2- 01:43 The Regent Briefcase - Our Timeless Luxury Leather Bag http://kickstarter.laneson.com
Luxury redefined - British design that is practical, built to last, and streamlined to perfection. Made from 100% premium leather.

3- 03:06 The PLIQO Bag - Ultra-Compact Garment Carry-On ... http://www.pliqobag.com
Fold your suit down to the size of a laptop bag – crease free and ready to wear

4- 05:43 Moca Bags - Minimal, modular, extremely durable.http://www.mocabags.com
A modular bag designed to keep things organized and separate

5- 08:51 Redefining Gadget Bags with Luxury & Minimal Design
Dr.Leather bags are luxury and everyday use that is made from Spanish natural leather. You can place all of your daily gadgets in them.

6- 10:22 lundi luxury and functional bags ... http://lundi-paris.com/en/
2 bags designed to perfectly fit your daily needs - Minimalist design for a strong functionality.


6 New Bags