8 Pieces Of Software Every Photographer Should Use


8 Pieces Of Software Every Photographer Should Use

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1:07 - Lightroom - http://www.adobe.com/products/photos...
2:01 - Portraiture - http://www.imagenomic.com/Products/Po...
3:21 - Photo Mechanic - http://www.camerabits.com/
4:23 - Jpeg Mini - http://www.jpegmini.com/
5:14 - aText - http://www.trankynam.com/atext/
6:14 - Animoto - http://tiny.cc/animotoslideshow
7:29 - Pixieset - http://pixieset.com/
8:11 - Smart Albums - 3 months free! - SMART999 *Expires March 31st!*

As photography professionals we need the tools that are going to save us time and earn us money. That sounded so salesy. Truth time. I use these every day and couldn't be as efficiant in my business without them. Hope you find at least one that either saves you time or earns you more money.

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