8 Frightening Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera


8 Frightening Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera

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There are so many mysteries in the world that we simply cannot explain. Instead of having to believe things on word of mouth alone, we have photos and videos that can preserve reality objectively.

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Of course, there are ways to manipulate both mediums, but they are much more reliable than other methods of historical preservation. This means that when unexplained phenomena are caught on photo or video, it’s all the more exciting.

The following video shows eight of such events caught on tape: extraordinary phenomena that the cameramen didn’t mean to capture – at least this how each video is presented. You’ll see a supposed sea monster that washed up on shore in Georgia, which resembles a dinosaur that has been extinct for millions of years. In another video, you’ll see a poltergeist flinging chairs and a wet floor sign across the hallway of a school. And in another, you’ll see what was claimed to be a black panther stalking the countryside.

However, this isn’t the African or South American countryside where a panther is expected to reside. This is in England.
All these unexplainable events and more will be at the mercy of your scrutiny.

You may think some are faked, and perhaps some are. However, all of them are convincing in one way or another, and, at the moment of this video’s conception, none have been proven or disproven. Let your imagination wander as we count down eight of the strangest phenomena that have been caught on camera.

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