A One Day Trip to Samsing Tea Garden Bungalow


A One Day Trip to Samsing Tea Garden Bungalow

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A One Day Trip to Samsing Tea Garden Bungalow

Samsing is a small place Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. This idyllic hilly place can easily find a place in the world map of the most beautiful places. Known for tourist spots like Lali Guras, Rocky Island and Suntaley Khola, Samsing is a fusion of hills, plains, rivers, forest, tea-gardens and villages. Samsing Tea Garden Bungalow seems cut off from din and bustle of society. Such is the silence that one can find here. This is a place of exquisite beauty. Why not book from Mittal bus stand, Siliguri, and enjoy a cold night at this bungalow?

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