Acer Chromebook 715 | Hands-on tour


Acer Chromebook 715 | Hands-on tour

Video Channel: Tech Spurt

Hands-on review with the Acer Chromebook 715, a fresh 15.6-inch Chrome OS laptop revealed at the global 2019 launch event. With its optional touchscreen, selection of chipsets and full-sized chiclet keyboard, this could be one of the best-specced Chromebooks of the year - and a budget-friendly notebook to stay productive on the move.

Here we guide you through the specs and best features of the new Chromebook 715, including the Full HD IPS panel. There's a choice of processors including Intel Core i3 or i5, a Celeron 3867U or Pentium Gold 4417U. These can be backed by up to 16GB of RAM, which seems a little excessive for a Chromebook but handy if you like leaving dozens of tabs open in your web browser. As for storage, you can grab Acer's new Chrome OS laptop with 32, 64 or 128GB of space.

We like the sturdy aluminium frame and that comfortable keyboard, which can optionally be backlit. This should be a great machine for smashing out endless documents.

We're still waiting on full UK pricing information for the Chromebook 715, but hopefully it'll come in at under £500 to keep competitive.

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