Apex Legends Paid Ninja One Million Dollars to Stream - Inside Gaming Daily


Apex Legends Paid Ninja One Million Dollars to Stream - Inside Gaming Daily

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[Reuters] Top gamer 'Ninja' made $1 million to promote EA's 'Apex Legends' launch: source - http://goo.gl/8L3KWn
[Twitter] Ninja - http://goo.gl/YYCPEz
[TwitchMetrics] Apex Legends - http://goo.gl/u76trD
[TwitchMetrics] Fortnite - http://goo.gl/7rKxdb
[Money] Here’s How Much It Costs to Buy a Commercial During Super Bowl 2019 - http://goo.gl/FGSBnK
[Federal Trade Commission] FTC Staff Reminds Influencers and Brands to Clearly Disclose Relationship - http://goo.gl/Pn6Q1h
[The Verge] PewDiePie and other YouTubers took money from Warner Bros. for positive game reviews - http://goo.gl/bYYmEH
[CNN Business] 'Ninja,' the Fortnite streamer who's one of video gaming's biggest stars - http://goo.gl/gmbrej
[Kotaku] Report: EA Paid Ninja $1 Million To Stream Apex Legends - http://goo.gl/rmmJgK
[EA] Disclosure Rules - http://goo.gl/oD6pH7

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