ASUS N56JR video - laptop - using this until I get my next rig - LET'S BUILD


ASUS N56JR video - laptop - using this until I get my next rig - LET'S BUILD

Video Channel: custom PC indy

Testing a video upload.

This is the ASUS laptop I am currently using. I've had it for awhile now and it's finally getting a lot of use because I sold my masterpiece PC rig to mark over at SILENCE IVEBOMB .

It works out pretty decently, but I feel it really needs the hard-drive upgraded to a nice SSD.

I need to build a new custom gaming+workstation PC asap.
Video editing is a nightmare compared to my six core 8700k intel i7 system @ 4.4 GHz. Gaming is not fun on it because I'm used to a GTX 1070 or better.

If you have any PC parts to donate, let me know. Ideally they will be sourced from people without money problems upgrading to high-to-max level systems and you have quality components extra. I'd even take a crypto-mined 1080 ti!

I'm also interested in product sponsorships such as pc component manufacturers like intel, AMD, nvidia, logitech, corsair, etc. I am capable of making excellent and concise hardware review videos, shoutouts, and someday I will be running a gaming center packed full of hardware and gamers.

Consumable product sponsorships are also something I am interested in. Such as: Bang energy drinks, other desirable drink manufacturers, Swisher, or some type of snack merchant that wants to partner up to build up the scene and be a part of something great.