Asus Zenbook Duo hands-on at CES 2020

Asus Zenbook Duo hands-on at CES 2020

Video Channel: Engadget

I found a lot to like about ASUS' ZenBook Pro Duo, the first notebook that managed to fit in an enormous second screen for some serious multitasking. But it also weighed a hefty 5.5 pounds, which made it tough to recommend in this era of powerful ultraportables. With the new ZenBook Duo, ASUS is offering a better option. It still has a very wide second screen (though it's around two inches smaller than the Pro Duo, at 12.6-inches), but it weighs just 3.3 pounds. That makes it just a bit heavier than the 13-inch MacBook, but instead of a small and limited TouchBar, it has a second screen that could actually be useful.

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