Audi S1 Review : Track Test


Audi S1 Review : Track Test

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With Audi’s chic A1 starting from just $26,500, many would think you’d have to be stark raving mad to shell out $49,900 for one!
Unless, it’s one of these – the Audi S1. Under the bonnet lurks a turbocharged 2.0-litre firecracker of an engine that punches out 170kW and a stomping 370Nm of torque.

The specs say it’ll hit 100km/h in 5.9 secs, but I’m telling you straight, it feels a lot quicker than that out of the gate.

It’s also got Audi’s famous quattro - permanent all-wheel drive for extra traction and safety – good in the dry, but brilliant in the wet.

Inside, the S1 is beautifully finished like every other premium Audi. This one has the optional sports buckets, colour-coded to match the exterior paint and superbly upholstered in soft napper leather. There not overly bolstered on the side, which means they’re comfortable for the daily commute, and still capable of holding you in place under these hard charging conditions.

At just under 50K, the S1 may seem like a lot of money, but with this level of engineering, performance and quality, you can’t call it overpriced, particularly when you factor in the exclusivity factor. - Read the article here.

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