Bajaj Auto Released Quadricycle Qute Car Review Telugu | new model cars 2019 in india | #telugunews


Bajaj Auto Released Quadricycle Qute Car Review Telugu | new model cars 2019 in india | #telugunews

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Bajaj Auto Released Quadricycle Qute Car Review Telugu, new model cars 2019 in india, #telugunews

It's auto-looking but not auto.
There are four tires but the car is not.
This is the newest vehicle released by Bajaj.
The name is quadricycle qute.
Bajaj is producing this new vehicle in every state of the country.
Recently, 'quadricycle qute' was released in Maharashtra.
And now let's know if that vehicle is unique

Quadracycle 'cuit' vehicle is small.
It is very useful to move in the city.
Running cast low. Eco Friendly too

If the petrol vehicle is 35 kilometers per liter,
CNG can travel 43 kilometers per kilogram.

The petrol variant ex-showroom in Jaipur is priced at 2,62,193,
The CNG variant is priced at Rs 2,82,239. As is

Bajaj cuit can be commercialized in 15 states and private in 20 states.
Central Road Transport and Highways Ministry included quadricycle qute in 'Non-Transport' category

This is a four-seater vehicle. Four comforters can sit.

 It is a vehicle that can be built inside the city. Not much to go beyond the city.

This is a 216 cylinder single-cylinder liquid cooled DTSi engine in the vehicle.

This vehicle can run at a speed of 70 km.

This vehicle can also drive up to 16 years

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