Best Gaming Room Tour on YouTube Racing Sim, 3D Printer, Consoles & More!


Best Gaming Room Tour on YouTube Racing Sim, 3D Printer, Consoles & More!

Video Channel: Barnacules Nerdgasm

This is one of the all time best gaming room setups on all of YouTube. If you are a technology and gaming enthusiast you have to see this room! This is a real nerd sanctuary.

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Ever since I posted my last Man Cave room tour ( you guys have been going crazy asking me to post an updated one since everything is always changing in here. I finally took an entire day and night to shoot and edit together a much more detailed video then the original which includes a lot of new stuff that was not in the last video.

The layout of the Man Cave is perfect right now and I won't be changing it anytime soon. Everything is quite literally at my fingertips and the addition of the new 27" IPS panel as an nVidia Auxiliary display has been a great help when editing videos and live streaming and the addition of an articulating arm on my Audio Technica A2020 microphone has been a great help.

I took a lot of advise from you guys after the last video and now my KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors are at the right height and angle for the perfect sound stage when editing and the way I had them before was just idiotic and I see that now. I also added a KLH subwoofer to the studio monitors connected to a M-Audio ProFire 610 to give me fantastic sound quality over 1394 bus.

Questions & Answers
Q) What video hardware do you use?
A) I shoot a Canon 5D Mark 3 w/ 24mm lens. I use Adobe Premiere for almost all of my editing but also use Audacity (freeware) for doing some audio stuff on occasion. My lighting setup includes (2) Halogen Lamps, (2) LED lamps and a camera mounted LED array

Q) What are the dimensions of your desks
A) The main desk is 105x40 and the two side desks are 29x29 and 46x29 (in inches)

Hardware in the Nerd Cave
CaseLabs M10 Case
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
Intel Core I7 3930k @ 4.6ghz
32GB Corsair DDR-2300
Two 256GB Samsung SSD in RAID 0
Four 750GB WD Black in RAID 5
Two EVGA GeForce GTX 680 FTW+ 4GB
ASUS Xonar STX Sound Card
Two Black Ice 360 Radiators
Ultrakaze 130CFM fans
Art TubeAmp MP
TrackIR 5 Pro
HDMI Switch
Wacom Drawing Tablet
Two Microsoft HD Webcam
Two Logitech C920 Webcam
Logitech Z5500 Speaker System w/ Klipshe Front Speakers
Optical Switch
Mackie Mixer Board
Elgato Game Capture HD
Avermedia Live Gamer HD PCI
ProFire 610 Audio Interface
KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors
Two 24" Dell IPS Panels
Three 46" Samsung Series 6 1080p HDTV Panels
27" Monoprice IPS 1440p Panel
Kenmore mini fridge
KLH 200 watt Sub Woofer
Antec 900 Case
Antec 1200 Case
Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel
Thrustmaster TRS8 Shifter
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals
Epson Workforce 610
HP Laserjet 5MP
Sparco Steering Wheel
Obutto Revolution Gaming Cockpit
Buttkicker Gamer V2 Audio Transducer
Audio Tecnica AT2020 Microphone
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 - Premium Gaming-Headset
Three Samsung 46" HDTV (LED LIT)
Two dasKeyboard S Professional Silent
Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse
Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse
Parrot AR.Drone
Roomba Vacuum
Logitech G940 Flight Controls Email business inquiries to [email protected]

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