Best Travel Camera 2018!!


Best Travel Camera 2018!!

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βœ…βœ… Best Cameras For Travelling 2018:
βœ…βœ… Panasonic GM1:
βœ…βœ… Canon SL2:
βœ…βœ… Canon T6:
βœ…βœ… Nikon D3400:
βœ…βœ… Panasonic GM5:
βœ…βœ… Panasonic GF7:
βœ…βœ… Canon G7x Mark ii:
βœ…βœ… Sony RX100:
βœ…βœ… GoPro Hero 5:
βœ…βœ… GoPro Hero5 Session:
βœ…βœ… GoPro Hero 6:
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Best Camera For Travel 2018 - Best Travel Cameras 2018

Hey there, my name's Chris Winter and in this video I'm going to go through some of the Best Cameras For Travel so you can get an idea of which camera might be best for you.

But anyway lets get on to todays question.


So today's question asks:

"Hey Chris, I'm going on holiday to the carribean in a few weeks and want a good camera to take some pics. I'm pretty new to photography however. "

Well that sounds like a great thing to be doing, I went to Barbados when I was a kid so I'd love to be going to the carribean again.

Now travel cameras are actualyl something I love talking about because I actually have my own travel channel which means I'm always thinking about what the best camera is.

For me, having a small and light camera is the most important aspect.

I've travelled around asia and europe with huge DSLR's like this one with big lenses and even though I had the best gear, I ended up not taking it around too much because it was too big.

So for me a small and lightweight compact or micro four thirds camera is generally the way to go.

My favorite travel camera of all time is the Panasonic GM1.

This is actually the worlds smallest interchangable lens camera and it's a beauty.

Not only does it look cool with it's retro styling, it can also take some great photos.

And you can also pair it up with a nice lens like this one here, the 20mm 1.7 and get some nice and blurry background photos.

Now unfortunately it's pretty hard to get the GM1 these days, but you could also look at the Panasonic GF7 or GM5 which are pretty similar.

I'll put a link to them down below if you want to check them out.

Now if you want to go even more compact, I'd take a look at either the Canon G7x or the Sony RX100 Cameras.

I've used both of these cameras a lot and have fallen in love with their size.

They easily fit into a pocket which is great because you never feel like it's a paint to use.

The G7x is a lovely easy to use camera with a great flip up screen.

If you want to do any vlogging as well, this is a great camera for that. In fact it's probably the most popular vlogging camera around.

The Sony RX100 is a set up again. This is the mark 4 version but there are older and new models which are also great.

It is a little bit more expensive but it's got some great feautres like 4k video recording.

Not only that, it can also shoot in ridiculousoly slow motion which looks awesome. It can shoot up to 1000 frames per second.

If you do want to take a DSLR with you though which a lot of people do, I'd look at a few of these.

The Nikon D3400 is a great small and lightweight DSLR. It's got a fast burst rate which is good for capturing lots of images at once and also has snapbridge in it which makes it easy to transfer phtoos to your phone.

The Canon SL2 is brand new and one of the most popular cameras you can get right now.

It's best feature is it's awesome autofocus system called dual pixel which is the best autofocusing in any camera for video I've ever tested.

I love this camera as well because it's just so small. If you want that nice and small camera size, but still liek the DSLR shape, I'd go for this one.

Of course if you are travelling to the Carribean I'd look into taking an action camera.

This is the GoPro Hero 5 and its great for getting underwater and adventure shots.

Theres now a new Hero 6 version, but you wont notice a huge difference overall.

I think any of these cameras here will be good for you in the end. Have a wonderful trip!

So they were some of the Best Cameras For Travel, hopefully I helped you make a decision.

I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you next time.

Best Trave