BMV You're Welcome


BMV You're Welcome

Video Channel: kermitTHEdinosaur93

Hey everyone. Sorry for not uploading much recently. This is because I got a copyrighted strike for a fan made video. It involved a Total Drama Yaoi ship just to let you know.

Anywho, I know it's almost Christmas, and I wanted to give a special treat to you all. For those of you who have seen Disney's Moana and may have heard the songs from the soundtrack, I was inspired to do another BMV (Barney Music Video) with one of the songs. I choose "You're Welcome" sung by Dwayne Johnson. I think I didn't do too bad a job, did I?

Hope you guys enjoyed it and have a Happy Holidays.

Barney and Friends (C) 9Story, HIT and Mattel (for now).

Moana (C) Disney.

"You're Welcome" (C) Lin Manuel Miranda.