Car Clip Phone Holder Review 2019 - Simple, Convenient, Safe


Car Clip Phone Holder Review 2019 - Simple, Convenient, Safe

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Car Phone Clip Holder is the most CONVENIENT, HANDS-FREE tool for SAFEST driving.

the Car Phone Holder holds smartphones right above the dashboard by a simple clip. It ensures clear front driving view without obscuring any viewpoint for 100% safe driving.

The holder fits for all mobile phones such as Samsung, iPhone and other phone or GPS devices with 3.5"-6.5". For the clipping depth, it fits all dashboard with extended depth more than 2.75 inch.

It is easy to install with no tools required and instantly removable for use in a different location. No stickers or magnet patches required.

You can also adjust angle, placing it either landscape/portrait with anti-slip feature for the perfect and stable viewing position.

Enjoy driving, using GPS, listening to calls / music without looking away from front viewpoints.

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