Casio A500WA-1 World Time Watch - Review And Complete Guide


Casio A500WA-1 World Time Watch - Review And Complete Guide

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Casio A500WA-1 World Time (Silver) -

Here's my review of the Casio World Time A500WA-1 digital watch. Follow the links down below for even more information. This is a fun retro-inspired digital world time piece from casio packed with features for travel including multiple time zones.

Casio A500WGA-1 World Time (Gold)

Review Guide & FAQ:
How to set alarms on Casio World Time watch - 2:27
How to turn on/off hourly signal on Casio watch - 3:15
How to set timer on Casio watch - 3:22
How to use Casio World Time stopwatch - 4:22
How to mute (turn off button beep) on Casio watch - 4:58
How to set the time on Casio World Time A500WA - 5:20
How to set custom time zones on Casio World Time - 7:13
How to set home city to one of your presets (Casio A500WA) - 7:48
Casio World Time A500WA-1 on the wrist (wrist shot) - 8:55
Casio World Time A500WA-1 backlight - 9:28
Casio World Time A500WA-1 pros and cons - 9:42
Casio World Time A500WA-1 review conclusion - 12:53

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