Casio MTG-M900 In-Depth Watch Review, The Good Timekeeping Show


Casio MTG-M900 In-Depth Watch Review, The Good Timekeeping Show

Video Channel: ElmertheClep

This is a follow-up to the video I made a few years ago here...

Years ago, I did an in-depth review of the Casio G-Shock MTG-900 watch. Now I'm reviewing two versions of the newer MTG-M900. I've had the older version of these watches for 12 years with great performance. So I'm confident that the new version will serve me just as well.

This video shows both the MTG-M900BD and the MTG-M900DA. Although they are different colors, the functions and features are the same. Each uses Casio's Module 3406. If you want the official instruction book for this watch in the PDF format, you can easily download it from the Casio website if you search for module 3406.

These are G-Shock watches and have 200-meter water resistance. Their built-in solar panels recharge built-in batteries for years of trouble-free performance WITHOUT having to replace the battery. You'll also find a world time (or second time zone) display, stopwatch, countdown timer, automatic backlight, five daily alarms (including one "snooze" alarm) and an hourly chime.

These watches automatically set themselves to the correct "atomic time" every night, provided you have good radio reception. The watch is able to receive data from any of six transmitters in different parts of the world. Casio calls this feature "Multiband 6" because there are six transmitters which are compatible. There's one in China plus two in Japan along with WWVB in Colorado, another transmitter in the UK and another in Germany. When Atomic Time reception is unavailable these watches will function as normal quartz timepieces with typical quartz accuracy.

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