Chamberlain B1381C 1.25 HP Wifi Belt Drive Corner to Corner Lighting Garage Door Opener


Chamberlain B1381C 1.25 HP Wifi Belt Drive Corner to Corner Lighting Garage Door Opener

Video Channel: Safety 1st Garage Door

Please text or call 647-808-6168 if you want to install Chamberlain B1381C 1.25HP Wifi Smartphone Controlled Belt Drive Super Quiet Corner to Corner Lighting DC Garage Door Opener with backup battery.

The lifetime bright LED opener will save more than $100 to replace 20 light bulbs in next 20 years if two light bulbs need to be replaced every 2 years.

1/ Chamberlain B1381 SPECS

• 1 1/4 HP Motor Power
• 108” Rail for 7 ft garage door
• Corner to corner lighting
• Battery Backup
• Smartphone Enabled
• Works with Nest
• Homelink Compatible
• Belt Drive
• DC Model
• Lights Turn On When Entering Garage
• Smartphone Control
• Soft Start / Stop
• Timer To Close

2/ What’s included in the sealed opener box

• B1381 model
• One backup battery
• Two remotes
• Two sensors
• One wall control
• One keypad
• Free brackets and hardware

3/ What's included in the basic installation services:

• Remove an existing garage door opener
• Install a new garage door opener according to the manufacturer’s manual
• Mount the opener (up to 10 feet high) according to product requirements
• Install and adjust safety sensors, outdoor keypad and indoor wall control
• Mount 2x4 to support header bracket
• Test remotes and control pad to ensure proper and safe operation
The all inclusive price is only applicable for the basic installation package for 7 ft garage door and no more than 10 ft garage ceiling height. Please advise us in advance if your garage door is 8 ft or your garage ceiling height is more than 10 ft.

• Belt Warranty: Lifetime
• Motor Warranty: Lifetime
• Parts Warranty: 5 Years
• Installation: 1 year

Text 647-808-6168 to request a quote or make a reservation.