Chromebooks Explained in Simple Terms - Is a Chromebook for you? - Chromebooks 101


Chromebooks Explained in Simple Terms - Is a Chromebook for you? - Chromebooks 101

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Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link) - Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are great computers but they are not for everybody.

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In this video I explain, in simple terms, what a Chromebook is and how it compares to Windows devices. I also demonstrate how Chrome works on an HP Chromebox.


00:55 - Comparison to Windows computers
06:07 - Chrome desktop and apps
07:55 - Android apps running on ChromeOS
08:28 - Using a Chromebook offline for docs and email
09:59 - Transferring Photos
11:56 - Playing videos
12:29 - Conclusion and final thoughts

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Chromebooks have made the laptop market, especially at the low end, very competitive. Windows and ChromeOS powered devices now cost about the same, so it really comes down to whether or not the Chromebook’s more limited feature set fits into your specific needs.

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