Deep Water in a Suzuki Jimny


Deep Water in a Suzuki Jimny

Video Channel: Darren Williams

This video shows me driving solo on a flooded lane here in North Wales. It is pretty extreme due to the fact the water is deep and goes on for some distance.

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Disclaimer (Please read in full): DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME FOLKS!!

Until recently, I hadn't heard of green laning so I am fairly new to this as a lot of you know. However, I am a very experienced off road/4x4 driver, having completed formal off road training with the military. I have significant experience of driving off road and in very hostile conditions throughout Europe, Central America and Africa. Indeed, prior to embarking on a driving expedition called The Roof of Africa (back in the 1980's), I received formal training by the Camel Trophy Team. I feel comfortable driving solo in difficult terrain.

I am aware of the risks in driving through deep water and in this instance, although I have driven this lane quite a few times, the underwater terrain could be full of dangerous obstacles, for example, branches or root bundles that have moved with the force of the water. I was prepared to abandon my vehicle if required and fully understood the risk of entering into deep water. Please be advised.

Deep Water