Direct Injection, Problems and Solutions | The Fine Print


Direct Injection, Problems and Solutions | The Fine Print

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Most modern vehicles have a new brand of technology inside their motors, GDI or DI. Gasoline Direct Injection is starting to take over and the development has gone forward. Car makers from Ford, Chevy, Honda, Mazda and much more have adopted this technology. We try and explain what it is, why it was implemented including the problems with carbon buildup, misfires and prevention and other solutions.

00:00 - 00:49 Intro
00:49 - 1:15 Why Direct Injection is Being Pushed
1:15 - 2:18 How Direct Injection Works
2:18 - 3:32 How PFI or Port Fuel Injection Works
3:32- 4:18 How Dual Injection Works, DI and PFI
4:19 - 4:40 Breaking Down The Marketing
4:40 - 6:38 Why DI is Beneficial and Better than PFI
6:38 - 7:40 Problems with DI - GDI
7:40 - 9:18 PCV Blowby and Carbon Buildup
9:20 - 11:18 Intake Valve Examples - Good and Bad
11:18 - 12:52 Why Not Just Use the Old Way? PFI and Lean Burn
12:52 - 14:45 Preventing Problems - Catch Cans
14:45 - 15:50 Prevention - DI Injector Cleaning
15:50 - 17:55 Prevention - Choosing the Right Oil - NOACK
17:55 - 18:55 When Prevention Fails, Carbon Cleanup - Walnut Blasting and Chemical Stripping.
18:55 Final Thoughts

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