Dolby Atmos Height Speaker Module Review (Definitive Technology A90 Pair)


Dolby Atmos Height Speaker Module Review (Definitive Technology A90 Pair)

Video Channel: Elias R

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Entire system setup consists of a pair of BP9020s, CS9060 center, SR9080 rears, Marantz 6013, Apple TV 4K and a Sony VPL HW40ES.

First time I set it all up:

To buy anything I've used in my setup, follow the links below

Elite Screen:
Apple TV 4K 32GB:
Sony 40es Projector:
Marantz 6013 Receiver:
Definitive Technology Tower Speakers:
Definitive Technology Center Speaker:
Definitive Technology Rear Surrounds:
Octane Seats:
Panamax Power Conditioner:
Media Stand:
Audioquest Type 4 Speaker Cable:

Dolby Atmos for the home is great idea. However, if you are able to put speakers in your ceiling somehow, do that as you'll get better performance.

SVS Subwoofer coming soon...

Equipment used to film this video:

Other Lens:

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