DR Pro Studio Monitors Stands Unboxing (Review)


DR Pro Studio Monitors Stands Unboxing (Review)

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DR PRO Speaker Stands DR Pro's 36" monitor stand provides optimal, ear-level placement of a near-field (compact) studio speaker. It eliminates interference from resonant surfaces like desks and tables and this speaker stand is a stylish, space-saving solution for any recording studio. It features a hollow, gasket-sealed, steel pillar that's ready for sand or shot fill (fill not included) for added stability while on the pillar; plus carpet spikes, vinyl-glide feet, cable clips, and an assembly tool. The wood-grain finish of DR Pro's monitor speaker stand will keep the professional style of your home or project studio looking consistent. #drprospeakerstands #speakers #speakerstands

Dr Pro Stands - http://www.guitarcenter.com/DR-Pro/M...

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