Eluktronics MECH G2Rx Eluktroboost! Fastest 2060 and 2070MQ!


Eluktronics MECH G2Rx Eluktroboost! Fastest 2060 and 2070MQ!

Video Channel: Bob Of All Trades

Here's two Gaming Laptops from Eluktronics that punch above their weight!

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-I cannot explain the 6h 38 min unplugged time. It happened once. I updated everything and at 3:15pm I stated a 2 hour video then went on about my day. Came back at 915 and surfed the net the rest of the time with a stop watch running on the desk.

-These both came factory undervolted to -.050 and running optimized defaults will still maintain this. On the GE75 it too featured the same factory undervolt but optimized defaults would zero it out.

-CPU Performance Tuning to help you get the most out of your modern intel laptop CPU http://clipreview.net/random14o69...

-EluktroBoost unlisted video made several days prior to the review. This is important if you're into details that can't be discussed. http://clipreview.net/randomWk3Pb...

-Max Tuned EluktroBoost took a great deal of time to dial it in specifically. Moving the voltage up to .800 would bring the heat and moving the frequency up much past 1650 at .750 would lock the machine.

-Using MSI voltage Curve Editor in Eluktroboost Mode disables itself when switching between modes. This is a very nice Quality of life so when you do decide to undervolt the GPU you won’t lock your machine up when switching back to gaming or office mode.

-I’d love to see a wattage adjustment option in the BIOS like this http://clipreview.net/randomHeMRU...

Sound Blaster http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/sou...

EluktroBoosted Gameplay http://clipreview.net/randomFO2FZ...