Extended Vehicle Warranty Scam -- Busted


Extended Vehicle Warranty Scam -- Busted

Video Channel: Alex Flippin

I actually received one of these calls but just figured it was a wrong number. The recording never said my name or what type of vehicle I drive and, for the record, my warranty ran out over a year ago - so after you guys started writing me about the same type of call. I decided to make one of my own -- back to the company that originally called me.

A man named Bruce answered and told me he could help me renew my warranty, but also tried to talk me out of calling General Motors and asking them about my factory warranty. He then also told me that GM would try to downplay my need to buy an extended warranty because then they could get more of my hard earned money. In fact, Bruce even told me GM purposely engineered the parts they sell to break down precisely when an owner's warranty runs out.

According to the Better Business Bureau and just about every scam tracking website we could find -- these offers are at best, not worth your time or money. Some may be legitimate but probably won't end up covering the sort of repairs to your car that would warrant the price you pay for the so called extended warranty.

If I haven't sold you on the fact that this is a scam -- consider this. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone told me - the way he knew my warranty was up was because his company worked with every auto manufacturer in the country and every auto repair shop in the country. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Now how many calls do you think it took to find out that wasn't at all true? Well -- I made twenty -- and I still haven't found anyone who has ever heard of the company offering me that great deal on a new warranty. Also, he refused to answer any more of my questions until I provided him with some personal information -- I declined.

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