FIRST LOOK at the New Ektachrome by Kodak Professional


FIRST LOOK at the New Ektachrome by Kodak Professional

Video Channel: Benj Haisch

First of all a massive thanks to Kodak Alaris for allowing me to be one of the few to beta test this amazing film.

Thanks to my friends at Indie Film Lab for scanning these and working through that process with me too. I had them give me a set of corrected and uncorrected scans on one of the batches which was super helpful.

In late July of 2018 I was contacted by Kodak Alaris about beta testing their new reboot of Kodak Ektachrome E100 Color Reversal Film. I had 10 rolls to shoot and tried to get as much variety as I could in that month.

For more photos you can see my blog post here:

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