Full Rushing Gameplay | PUBG Mobile Live | GodL BeAst Gaming


Full Rushing Gameplay | PUBG Mobile Live | GodL BeAst Gaming

Video Channel: PUBG Beast

Support the stream: http://streamlabs.com/pubgbeast1

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Discord :- http://discord.gg/Az8m8Ff
Facebook :- http://www.facebook.com/PUBGBeast
Instagram :- http://www.instagram.com/_indianbeast_/
Twitter :- http://mobile.twitter.com/InDiAn_BeA...

Rank :- Season 5 Ace
Conqueror (coming soon)
Device :- iPad Pro 2017 10.5
Gameplay :- 4 finger claw
PUBG ID :- 534339041

Donate through upi id :- [email protected] (First & Last digit is smaller L) Apps like Google Pay(Tez) & PhonePe Name :- Harinder Kumar
Donate through paytm :- 8221082923(Calls will not be answered)

Top Donator :- Eagle Max(₹2000)
1st Donator :- Nutan Lakra(₹101)
2nd Donator :- Seller Hub (₹20)
3rd Donator :- Manish Nitin Rane(₹20)
4th Donator :- Arun R(₹51)
5th Donator :- Syed Feroz(₹50)
6th Donator :- Rakesh Singh Rawat (₹100)
7th Donator :- Lala Gaming(₹50)
8th Donator :- Karan(₹40)
9th Donator :- Jatimder Singh(₹20)
10th Donator :- Sagar Paul(₹10)

If u wanna play with me subscribe to my youtube and press bell icon then join my discord waiting room vc exact at 1 pm on Sunday in waiting room ... ... I always play on Sunday at 1 pm with my subscribers ..... My discord link above

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