🔧Galaxy J7 2017 Glass Only Replacement - Complete guide 60FPS


🔧Galaxy J7 2017 Glass Only Replacement - Complete guide 60FPS

Video Channel: Jerry Mobile

Hi :) This time welcome for Galaxy J730!

You can buy new glass here: (international shipping)
http://ceesty.com/wNqcNz (all colors)

Clamps for press LCD after repair: (free international shipping)

You will need:
◉ new front glass (http://ceesty.com/wNqcNz)
-- hair dryer or LCD separator to heat the phone (http://ceesty.com/wNqvay)
-- isopropanol or PCC15 to clean the screen and separate display from frame (http://ceesty.com/wNqvzd)
-- molybdenum wire to separate the glass from display (http://ceesty.com/wNqvnd)
-- LOCA glue to glue new glass (http://ceesty.com/wNqvWH)
-- LCD opener tool or sucker to get off the screen from frame (http://gestyy.com/wH9KwS)
-- LCD mould for positioning the glass on the display (http://gestyy.com/wH9Jcj)
-- UV lamp to make LOCA glue hard (http://gestyy.com/wH9JZr)
-- 2-sides adhesive tape to glue display module with frame (http://gestyy.com/wH9J1O)

Original Quality Replacement Parts &
Glass Repair Kits available here:

New LOCA glue that does not require UV light to cure!

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