Get More Watch Time on YouTube (4000 Hours FAST!)


Get More Watch Time on YouTube (4000 Hours FAST!)

Video Channel: Noob Hustle

How to Get More Watch Time on YouTube!
What I used to get 29,000 minutes of watch time in one week:

As a new or small YouTube channel, you're probably struggling with the same thing many others are struggling with - figuring out how to increase watch time in order to hit those 4000 hours and unlock the mystical "YouTube Partner Program".

There are many things you can do in order to optimize watch time, and there are a ton of great videos here on YouTube explaining those things, to list a couple:

How to Get 4000 Hours Watchtime on YouTube by VidIQ:

YouTube Watch Time (How to Increase it Fast) by Nick Nimmin:

While these videos and creators do a great job at helping you understand how to better optimize your channel and videos for watch time, I wanted to show you a specific method i've discovered that will allow you to increase your audience retention, and get more views very quickly while complying with YouTubes terms.

4000 hours can seem very intimidating for a small or new channel, it definitely was for me!

But with this method, I am already much closer to that so sought after milestone, and i'm excited to share with you my findings!

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