Google Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL | What's the difference?


Google Pixel 3a vs Pixel 3a XL | What's the difference?

Video Channel: Tech Spurt

Comparing Google's new Pixel 3a vs the Pixel 3a XL, two affordable smartphones costing £399 and £469 in the UK - despite boasting the same great camera tech as the originals! But how do they stack up for speed, battery life, features and specs?

The obvious difference when comparing Google's latest affordable mid-range mobiles is the size - personally, my favourite is the compact Pixel 3a. However, the XL model does at least boast a bigger 3700mAh battery, plus a larger screen if you want to watch a lot of Netflix on the go.

When it comes to camera tech, these Pixels are evenly matches. As with the standard Pixel 3 phones, you get the same 12.2MP camera with Sony IMX363 sensor on both, while photo and video quality is comparable. And up front, you get a single selfie snapper.

Android features are identical, including 3 years of update support. Which phone is best for performance? Well, this round is a tie as well - the specs are the same, with both Pixel 3a handsets packing a Snapdragon 670 platform with 4GB RAM.

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