Google Pixel 4 Officially Announced! My Thoughts.


Google Pixel 4 Officially Announced! My Thoughts.

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Google Pixel 4 Official Announcement
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So you can take any uncertainty you had about the legitimacy of the Pixel 4 leaks and throw it out the window because this week Google themselves released this image of the Pixel 4 when the enticing caption "wait until you see what it can do.”

The first thing we learn from this leaked image is the confirmation of the design rumors that have been around for some time now. We have seen lots of amazing concepts from the usual suspects like Ben Geskin and these images look almost identical.

First off it all but confirms some of our prior suspicions about the pixel 3 and 3a leaks. They seemed almost too good to be true, the Pixel 3 appeared in an unboxing video several weeks prior to its release and a few Pixel 3As were actually sold at Best Buy before the device was even announced.

All of this seemed a little too crazy and a ton of people suspected that Google had just decided to intentionally leak out the devices to build hype around them and it seemed to work, almost every channel was making videos about the phones weeks prior to announcement including myself, and I guess it's working now too I mean here I am making a video about the Google Pixel 4 that I hadn't really planned on making until these images came out. So it seems like they're continuing to use the same strategy, just being a little more upfront about it this time. nice work guys

Something else that the release of these images tells us is that the pixel 3 probably isn't doing so hot sales-wise. The fact that Google is willing to put this out there 4 months prior to the product announcement means that they probably didn't have high hopes for pixel 3 sales over the next couple months, but this probably won't affect the 3A much. Anyone interested in the pixel 4 4 months early is someone excited about having the hottest tech, which is basically the opposite customer of a budget Android device

The rear camera count has been increased to two, and while we haven't seen any photos of the front of the device, the current speculation is that Google will be ditching the notch in some way. Whether it's in the form of a pill-shaped hole punch like the galaxy s10+ or by adding this thicker black bar to the top only like Ben Geskin has suggested.

This year they are comfortable competing much more directly with the iPhone and Galaxy phones. this means that they will have to charge more for there devices likely north of $999, but they should be more comfortable doing this given that they now have a budget phone on the market.

So really I think Google's plan to get everyone overly hyped about the pixel 4 worked because I couldn't be more excited about it. This device should deliver us everything we've loved about pixel phones, but with full flagship quality specs and design

So Google if you're watching this, send one out here in October and we'll get a review up on the channel.

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