😱Google Pixel Review in hindi in 2019 (Comparison with iPhone 7)😱😱😱


😱Google Pixel Review in hindi in 2019 (Comparison with iPhone 7)😱😱😱

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Google Pixel review: The flagship budget smartphone. The smartphone is known for its camera feature and also for its beautiful design. Lets hear the reality about Google Pixel from its long time user Anamika. She also talks about how is Google Pixel in comparison to iPhone 7

Anamika here can't stop going gaga over her Google Pixel. She stresses that her phone beats iPhone 7 in a lot of arenas. She is the epitome of being possessed by the charm of one's phone. We don't blame her. Google Pixel is a phone worth every single person drooling over it.

Google Pixel comes with a 8MP front and 12MP rear camera. Its sound quality is top-notch and also has active noise cancellation with dedicated mic. With a 2770 mAh battery , it brings fast charging feature along. So kick your worries of your phone losing power every now and then out of the window. Google Pixel's display comes with an AMOLED touchscreen and the 5.0 inches screen is a perfect mould for all your videos, games, and documents. Not just that, it also has Corning Gorilla Glass 4, so don't worry yourself to death if you ever drop it.


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