GT Sport 911 RSR(991) '17 Time Attack/Drift Setup NoTCS


GT Sport 911 RSR(991) '17 Time Attack/Drift Setup NoTCS

Video Channel: meltedearwax

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My Setup For The Porsche 911 RSR(991) '17 No TCS Time Attack/Drift SETTINGS.
I Make These Settings To Achieve Top Speed, Acceleration, Grip, For Best Time Laps And Best Drift Setups, its better then other settings.

Driver: Badkills96
Car: Porsche 911 RSR(991) '17
Track: Mount Panorama & Suzuka Circuit
Game: Gran Turismo Sport

Drive like a pro with no traction control and with speed
and become drift king of the tracks.
I really enjoy these settings and this was just a quick lap to show race settings and drift setting. MAKE SURE TO FIX ADVANCED SETTING FOR CONTROLLER.!!!!

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