HILARIOUS | Suzuki Jimny 2019 Reviewed | On the road and off-road it's a fun-filled adventure


HILARIOUS | Suzuki Jimny 2019 Reviewed | On the road and off-road it's a fun-filled adventure

Video Channel: Leasing.com

We sent Howard Ritchie this year’s award-winning 4x4 to find out what he makes of it. Not clear it’s one for him, I think he became slightly fond of it after his weeklong adventure with the Suzuki Jimny.

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Exec Producer: Chris Evans (Leasing.com)
W&P: Howard Ritchie
AP: Paul Nicholls
Composer: Steve Cubis http://bit.ly/2X9p1yq
Location: WhiteCliff 4x4 http://whitecliff4x4.co.uk/

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