Honda CBX - Six Cylinder Symphony


Honda CBX - Six Cylinder Symphony

Video Channel: Brightside Media

Few bikes made as much of an impression as the Honda CBX, or CBX1000 as it is also known. In the late 70s, it was arguably one of the most impressive motorcycles of the era. Much of that was down to its incredible six-cylinder engine and its even more amazing sound.

The Honda CBX was a true halo motorcycle - they didn't sell many, but it was the perfect response to other superbikes of the seventies like the Suzuki GS1000, Yamaha XS11 and Kawasaki Z1. The Honda CBX1000 was a true icon and re-established Honda's reputation as a maker of desirable and exciting motorbikes and the CBX had a noise to back it up.

Shot with Paul Brace at Proper Bikes:

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Honda CBX