Honda Monkey Z 2020 Hot Wheels Honda Motorbike Review!

Honda Monkey Z 2020 Hot Wheels Honda Motorbike Review!

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Honda Monkey Z 2020 Hot Wheels Honda Motorbike Review! This is Hot Wheels Review for Honda Monkey Z from 2020 Hot Wheels collection. This was a treasure hunt bike at the begin of 2019. But at 2020 this Monkey Z is a simple version without Treasure Hunt logo :) But this Monkey Z is still beautiful small and heavy motorbike with wide wheels.

The Honda Monkey Z50 is a casting of the iconic Honda Z50 Motorbike produced from the mid 1960s and due to be discontinued in late summer, 2017. The model consists of an unpainted metal base, plastic handlebars, and seat as one piece and a painted metal piece for the fuel tank. The tank acts as a pin, holding the plastic seat and handlebar piece onto the base. The nickname 'Monkey' used in the casting name is derived from the position riders take on while holding the handle bars, which resembles a gorilla or ape using it's arms to stay propped upright. This casting is the oldest model of vehicle of Japanese origin produced by Hot wheels as of 2017.

This Honda Monkey Z is from 2020 Hot Wheels collection case A. We love to make diecast cars reviews. We have many reviews for Toy Cars at our WheelsHot channel. We love to collect Mattel toys. We love to find Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure hunts. Peg Hunting is a great time spending. We are buliding Hot Wheels tracks and making hot wheels reviews about them.

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