How much it costs to turn your Suzuki RM-Z450 or RM-Z250 into a JGR replica


How much it costs to turn your Suzuki RM-Z450 or RM-Z250 into a JGR replica

Video Channel: MotoHead

The Joe Gibbs Racing team - one of the most successful NASCAR race teams of all time - reveals complete engine kits and other bolt-on bits to turn your current model RM-Z450 or RM-Z250 into replicas of its race bikes, as ridden by Chad Reed and Alex Martin.
JGR's John Basher reveals the all-new parts kits and the difference it'll make to your bike.

** Price update! JGR has now confirmed prices for the full stage 2 kits have dropped! 2019-‘20 SUZUKI RM-Z250: $3,349.99, 2018-‘20 SUZUKI RM-Z450: $3,549.99 ***

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