How To Get 1000 Subscribers AND 4000 Watch Time Hours FAST! 🚀 YouTube Monetization UPDATE (2018)


How To Get 1000 Subscribers AND 4000 Watch Time Hours FAST! 🚀 YouTube Monetization UPDATE (2018)

Video Channel: Muaaz

How To GROW A GAMING Channel From SCRATCH! (2018) 🎮
In this video I'll talk about how to get your first 1000 subscribers and how to get 4000 watch time hours FAST in 2018! With the BIG YouTube Partner Program Changes, a lot of small channels have been wondering how to make money on YouTube in 2018. Due to that, I thought I would address how much money small YouTubers make and what they would be missing out on with the new YouTube monetization rule. Myself and many other YouTubers feel that you'll be able to get 1000 subscribers easily whereas getting 4000 watch hours fast will be much more difficult and that's what I cover in today's video. Overall, the aim of this video is to educate some smaller content creators about everything they need to know about gaining subscribers fast and increasing watch time hours on YouTube in 2018. Enjoy! :D


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