How to Repair a Scuffed or Damaged Car Bumper for less than $100


How to Repair a Scuffed or Damaged Car Bumper for less than $100

Video Channel: Clint Holland

I will take you through all the steps to repair a scuffed or damaged bumper on your car for less than $100. Everything from sanding and repairing the bumper to priming, painting, clear coating and polishing it. I even go through how to remove orange peel which frequently occurs. Check out below for all the individual products I used in this repair.

I got all the painting supplies from AutomotiveTouchup.
This link will take you straight to the page to match your car's paint color.

Some of the other supplies I purchased locally and from Amazon.
Painters Tape:
Tack Cloth:
Bondo Bumper Repair Kit: or for larger repairs
Bondo Spreaders:
Sandpaper Kit:
The Random Orbital Sander I Used:

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