How to replace iPod battery & SD Card upgrade: 160GB iPod Classic with "SSD" in 2018


How to replace iPod battery & SD Card upgrade: 160GB iPod Classic with "SSD" in 2018

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How to change an iPod Classic battery, SSD/SD Card upgrade and change the Screen. I upgraded my 6th/7th gen iPod Classic with Tarkan’s iFlash adapter.

iPod Classic replacement parts:
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iPod Classic opening reference card in PDF:

Playlist of "Opening iPod Classic" tutorials:

I wanted to change my iPod's HDD to an SSD drive - but here is the deal: the iPod Classic uses those tiny 1.8 inch disk drives connected with a very particular flat-ribbon cable called “ZIF/CE” connector, which is not that common. I could only find small capacity ZIF SSDs… come on! My iPod had 160GB, I didn’t want to settle for less! Another option is a ZIF adapter to Compact Flash. The adapters are cheap, but a 256GB Compact Flash Card not so much… Then I found the iFlash board adapters for SD Cards - made by Tarkan Akdam

Tarkan Akdam? Who is this guy?
The iFlash website is full of information - but his personal blog has very few posts, no twitter account, no photos… So I wrote him an email: are you shy? in which country do you live? how have you started making iPod adapters?
And he wrote back, saying he is not shy, just a very busy and private person. He is an electronic engineer working with audio and TV productions, product design and development - even so, he keeps making newer iFlash models. It seems incredible! Would it be true? It could be a company, you know? There was a time I imagined Peter Norton could be just an actor! Anyway, I found a lot of iFlash reviews, the adapters are real and work!

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